voici certaines méthodes rapides et faciles à faire à la maison, pour utilizer l'yaourt comme un excellent agent tonique pour la peau.

yogourt, farine ou miel
Mélanger vigoureusement une portion de yogourt à la farine,
puis appliquez sur votre peau.
Laisser agir pour 15 minutes,
puis rincer à l'eau.


Legends about truffles

The truffle, known for its characteristic aromatic fragrance and flavor, is a fungus that grows naturally in the ground, near the roots of oak trees, oak or poplar trees, making his quest much harder and addictive, so that the best job seekers use expensive trained dogs. Many animals go greedy for the smell that can hear come out of the ground and that, unfortunately, the human nostrils fail to grasp. The best known animal, in addition to the dog, is undoubtedly the pig.

In addition to an...


Recycling corks

A the bottle has been opened, what can be done with the used corks? We promote recycling corks. The small and simple gesture of recycling used cork stoppers provides an essential contribution to the vitality of the planet. Cork stoppers are environment friendly by nature - they are a 100% natural product and do not cause pollution if they end up in the rubbish bin. However, they are also fully recyclable and reusable, which means that they have a clearly positive impact from a sustainability...

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Separate collection

The collection indicates a system of waste collection that includes a first differentiating by type by citizens, diversifying from the collection totally indiscriminate.
The goal is the separation of waste in such a way as to redirect each type of waste towards the respective more suitable disposal or recovery treatment ranging from storage in landfills or incineration/WTE for the residual undifferentiated, composting for organic and recycling for differentiated itself (paper, glass, cans,...


Homemade deodorant

There are DIY solutions, made with all-natural ingredients, ensuring armpits fresh and smelling. They are fast and very simple to prepare.
The deodorant more healthy and simple is the bicarbonate based: thanks to its Ph basic it fights odors and, being natural, does not prevent the normal skin transpiration.
You can opt for a spray solution, a cream or stick depending on your preference.

This is a preparation mode for a deodorant spray:

Fill a glass with water and baking soda
stir until the...


Trigonella et vitamine B9

Vitamine B9, également connu sous le nom d'acide folique, possède de nombreuses propriétés.
Joue un rôle important dans le cerveau fonctionne, efficacité et dans la circulation sanguine.
Il est essentiel dans la division cellulaire et la formation du matériel génétique.
Hébergement à la levure, les légumes verts et les légumineuses.
Il est utile pour les maladies du cœur et prévient foetal spina bifida.

Les graines de Trigonella sont un ingrédient clé dans la poudre de cari.


La bottega del mulino n°1