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The collection indicates a system of waste collection that includes a first differentiating by type by citizens, diversifying from the collection totally indiscriminate.
The goal is the separation of waste in such a way as to redirect each type of waste towards the respective more suitable disposal or recovery treatment ranging from storage in landfills or incineration/WTE for the residual undifferentiated, composting for organic and recycling for differentiated itself (paper, glass, cans, plastic).
For all the above mentioned waste sorting is preparatory to the correct and most advanced waste management constitutes the first phase of the process.

The collection was set implicitly to the entire territory of the EEC Directive 75/442 of 1975, now replaced by more recent directives, which in art. 3 required him to promote waste reduction, recovery and reuse and art. 7 the "rationalization" of the collection, sorting and treatment.

Ecological problems and environmental defense make it more difficult to find traditional landfills, areas in which enter materials of all kinds, unsorted, polluting or sometimes more often useful as a source of raw materials. Recycling of waste, in addition to solving the problem of landfills, enables significant savings in energy and raw materials. Even the landfilling of damp is a waste, since it can be used to produce compost.

The average composition of waste is difficult to establish as it varies with the area, wealth and culture of the citizen, as well as with industrial production.

Ultimate goal of national and regional rules on waste is to minimize the amount of non-recyclable waste in landfills or incinerators to treat by wearing or waste-to-energy plants, and at the same time, recover, through waste recycling, re-usable raw materials become source of wealth.

Are present in Italy and Tuscany many companies involved in the design, manufacture and Assembly of baskets and bins for recycling.

The colors of the bins separate waste collection

Until recently there was not a standardization of color for recycling, while in 2013 was issued to uni 840-1:2013 that addresses the issue of color coding in the trash. The standard specifies the dimensions and the design requirements of the containers as follows:

color                                           waste                                                treatment

green                                          glass                                                recyclable

yellow                  newspapers, magazines, cardboard                      Recyclable

blue                           plastic packaging and metals                            Recyclable

Brown                                  organic waste                                         Recyclable

Red                                    municipal waste                                    Non-recyclable

The municipality of Pontassieve and AER uses for the collection of mixed waste (MSW) electronics keys; the system involves placing a cap on the road, with the opening of the same red box (for) made possible only with the  electronics key that have been equipped with every user. The guests of the agriturismo fattoria Lavacchio who have booked an apartment or villa will receive upon arrival with the keys of the accommodation also the green electronics key, in the apartments you will find colored containers for help in sorting of waste as well as a practical guide on proper disposal.

For more information about how and where to dispose of waste, visit the official website of AER Spa.



Associé à Apollon et aux héros de la Rome antique, le laurier possède bien des vertus médicinales. Favorisant la digestion, il est également utilisé dans le soin des affections cutanées ou encore dans le traitement des états grippaux.

Ses feuilles sont utilisées en cuisine pour leur arôme. En condiment, elles sont habituellement sèches et entrent dans la composition du bouquet garni, pour infusion ou cuisson dans la sauce. En Saintonge, la feuille est employée fraîche pour les...


Miel et produits de beauté


miel de acacia ou pins

Avec le visage rafraîchi et propagation séchée, ponez juste une fine couche de miel, laissant sous pendant environ 20 minutes, puis rincez.
Pour son caractéristiques la masque au miel est indiqué pour déshydratation et séchés, mais il est aussi utile pour garder en bonne santé de chaque type de peau.
Les propriétés du formulaire peuvent bien sûr être étendues à l'ensemble du corps, arrosant et en s'immergeant entièrement, après quelques...


Angélique vraie

L’Angélique vraie, l’Archangélique ou l’Angélique officinale (Angelica archangelica) est une espèce de plantes de la famille des Apiacées, cultivée comme plante condimentaire et médicinale pour ses pétioles, tiges et graines très aromatiques et stimulantes et pour sa racine utilisée en phytothérapie.

Pétioles et tiges sont utilisées en pâtisserie et confiserie sous forme de fruits confits, l'angélique, ou comme liqueur1,2, 3. C'est une spécialité de la ville de Niort...


How to make Soap

Make scented soap is simple and also you can rediscover the pleasure of doing from you that these days does not hurt your wallet, health and the environment.

How to make SOAP at home, here are the necessary ingredients:

- animal or vegetable oils and fats
- lye (seems environmentally unsound but it is not!)
- distilled water or tap water (only if no chlorine and without limestone)

As utensils you will need:

- an electronic scale
- a stainless steel pot
- a meat thermometer that goes from...


Les Vitamines B

Les vitamines B forment un groupe de huit vitamines hydrosolubles (solubles dans l'eau) qui jouent un rôle important dans le métabolisme des cellules. On avait initialement pensé qu'il ne s'agissait que d'un seul composé chimique, appelé vitamine B comme on a également la vitamine C, mais des recherches ultérieures ont établi qu'il s'agissait en réalité de plusieurs composés distincts qui coexistent la plupart du temps les uns avec les autres dans les mêmes aliments. Les huit ...


La bottega del mulino n°1